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High Ceiling Chandelier Installation

high ceiling chandelier installation

High Ceiling Chandelier & Light Fixture Installation

Do you have a high ceiling and want a chandelier installed? The experienced electricians at WireChief Electric can help with your high ceiling chandelier installation in Vancouver. We are experts in high ceiling light fixture installation.

Our experienced electricians will help you to install the light fixtures of your dreams with complete care and ease.

A high ceiling chandelier installation requires a little more skill, but our professionals will install it with care and expertise. Our experienced electricians will make sure the job is completed correctly. We do this by fully evaluating the space that your light fixtures will be installed into. To ensure proper power for your fixture, we will evaluate the electrical wiring and will also evaluate the selected place of installation, this is to ensure the proper support is present.

To safely and properly install your chandelier, our professional electricians will use extension ladders, scaffolding, and even scissor lifts. Furthermore, there is no ceiling too high for our electricians to install the chandelier or light fixture of your dreams.

Electrical Fixture Installation for High Ceilings in Vancouver

Do you have light fixtures or ceiling fans to be installed on a ceiling from 16′ to 20’ high? The electricians at WireChief Electric can help.

Call or email us with the specifications of your light fixture and the high of your ceiling and we can make sure to send an electrician with the proper equipment.

Higher ceilings can also be accessed by lifts or scaffolding. Call today  604-229-2630 for a free phone estimate.

high ceiling chandelier light fixture installation staircase, foyer,

Chandelier Installation in Vancouver – All Sizes – All Ceiling Heights

WireChief Electric provides expert chandelier installation of all types, big and small, high and low.

Replace Existing Chandelier – Your electrician will remove your existing light fixture or chandelier and check the existing power and brace.  Your electrician will then install your new Chandelier for you.

New Electrical Power for New Chandelier – If your new Chandelier is to be installed where there is not an existing light fixture then new electrical power can be provided and ran to the new location.

Heavy Chandeliers & High Ceiling Light Installation  – We specialize and are fully insured for high ceiling chandelier installations. Installing light fixtures in a high ceiling can be difficult and very challenging which is why we take every precaution necessary to ensure a safe and proper installation. All high ceiling installations star with a pre-inspection before work commences. Depending on the weight of the light fixture, ceiling reinforcement from the attic and junction box might be required. In some cases, scaffolding may be needed.

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Important facts to know when you talk, call or email a member of our team.

How high is the ceiling where your chandelier will be installed or removed from?

Is there an existing light fixture in the ceiling that needs to be removed before the new one is installed?

What are the approximate size and weight of your new light fixture?

Feel free to send us pictures of your space and your new chandelier.

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