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Are you registered with the BBB?

We are a current member of the BBB.

Can I use a dimmer?

Yes, a dimmer can be used on most recessed lighting.

Can recessed lights be installed in a bathroom?

Yes, recessed lighting can be installed in bathrooms. Wet locations, above a shower or outdoors, require the use of specific wet location trims.

Do you have a warranty outside of the light fixture manufactures warranty? Do you have a written copy of it?

We have a lifetime installation warranty, and we will be happy to provide you a copy of it.

Do you have any unresolved or unanswered complaint at your local BBB?

No, we do not have any unresolved issues.

Do you have liability insurance, and do you carry WC insurance on your employees? May I see a current copy of the policy?

Yes, we do and we will be happy to provide you with a copy of it.

Do you have references?

Yes, you can read our reviews at

Do you use subcontractors?

No, we do not use subcontractors.

Do your installers arrive in uniform?

Yes, our installers are fully uniformed.

How can I pay?

We accept cash, cheque, Visa and Mastercard.

Is your company properly licensed by the BC Electrical Safety Authority?

Yes, we hold an electrical contractor license #103977 by ESA.

What are the benefits of using recessed lighting?

Recessed down-lights are a practical way to provide ambience, unobtrusive illumination without clashing with the décor of your home. Available for both new construction and remodeling applications, recessed lighting (pot lights) can be used in just about any type of ceiling, from shallow to sloped; insulated to non-insulated. A variety of diameters and bulb capabilities are available to give you the flexibility of mixing and matching lighting functions throughout your house. Recessed trims come in a wide selection of colors and styles ranging from traditional down-lights to contemporary glass rings.

What is meant by Air-Tight down light and why would I want to use one?

Air-tight rated down lights will prevent air flow through the fixture. This is important because it saves money in heating and cooling costs.

What is the difference between IC vs. Non-IC rated housings?

IC rated housings allow insulation (either laid in or blown in) to be installed on or around the housing. Non-IC housings require that insulation be kept at least 3″ away from the housing at all times.

Where should I use recessed lighting?

Recessed lighting can be used to border a room with light, accent pictures or art and illuminate work areas. Use it as general-purpose lighting, or as a complement to other types of lighting fixtures. Pot lights in a bathroom eliminate shadows and light areas such as a shower or Jacuzzi. Adjustable eyeballs add drama to fireplaces and shed light on dark bookcases. Accentuate space with wall washers around the perimeter of a room, or add drama and detail to textured surfaces with wall grazing. Use baffled down-lights in a kitchen soffit, or enclosed fixtures under outdoor eaves.

Who will install my lights?

Our employees are skilled electricians, so you can be sure that the installation will be done properly according to the Canadian Electrical Code.


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