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9 Awesome Reasons for Loving Recessed Lights

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Are you thinking of giving your home a makeover? Redecoration is a fun and exciting way to bring a change into your lives. However, the usual décor ideas require you to spend thousands of dollars and plenty of time on arranging professionals. However, a commonly ignored aspect during home makeover projects is the lighting of the house. Yes, that’s right! The lights of your house have the power to completely transform the feel of your house. Depending on what kind of interior appeal you want to reflect, you can experiment with different lighting options.

The latest trend in the world of lighting is of recessed lights or pot lights. These lights have gained popularity for many reasons. However, in this article, we will discuss nine reasons we believe everyone should fall in love with recessed lighting.

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Lighting Your Home Office

When setting up their home office, most people tend to focus on the big purchase items–the desk, chair, and filing system. Lighting often comes up as an afterthought–and yet, poor lighting can cause eyestrain, headaches, and is most certainly not a mood enhancer. Considering the high percentage of time we spend in our home offices it makes sense to create a setting with optimal lighting.

Here’s what you need to know:

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5 Things to Know about Recessed Lighting

No matter how well-designed your home, bad lighting can easily kill the mood. Recessed pot lights are a great option that when used strategically can effectively remedy that—but they can turn your ceiling into Swiss cheese and shroud your quarters in dull light.

The goal of recessed pot lighting is to not only add visibility but also interest and ambiance to the environment. To that end, layering your lighting is vital: Combine recessed pot lighting with a variety of other types (such as decorative pendants, table lamps, sconces, or candles) to make rooms feel well balanced and inviting. This applies to both modern spaces, where recessed lighting is most often used, and to more traditional settings, such as old townhouses, where mindfully placed recessed lights can work wonders.

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How to Layer Lighting in your Home


Lighting a home might not be quite as simple as you’d think—but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated, either. Comfort, utility, and beauty can be obtained by using layered lighting: Ambient light to provide general illumination and repose, task lighting for utilitarian jobs and accent lighting to adorn any room. Layering your lighting just means going beyond the basic overhead general lighting and purposefully arranging different types of lighting to form a cohesive and functional light-scape. Here’s how!

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How to Select the Right Chandelier

Chandeliers have been used in dining rooms and foyers since a long time ago, but lately chandeliers are gaining popularity in unexpected places. This traditional lighting fixture can be found in kitchens, bedrooms, walk-in closets and even bathrooms.

Chandeliers are not only eye-catching light fixtures but also a great source of ambient light, they can serve as a focal point around which you can put together the design of the entire room.

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Home Theater Lighting

Good lighting in a home theater room requires a blend of ambient and accent lighting to enhance your viewing, avoid eyestrain and make the room practical to move around in after the movie. Lighting Techniques for Home Theater For ambient…

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Five Frequent Home Lighting Mistakes

There are plenty of ways to bring new life to your home through lighting design; however, there are also some common mistakes that can keep your lighting from actually making your home shine. It’s not unusual for homeowners to revamp…

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Boost Your Home Value with The Right Lighting

The lighting design in your property could have a significant effect on the home’s appeal to potential buyers. While this may seem unexpected, something as simple as the correct lighting can improve both the value and charm of your home. How Interior…

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3 Stylish Ways to Light Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is that place of your home where you can lock yourself inside, and have the privacy of your own room when needed. Bathrooms are like sanctuaries for some people, and lighting can really make a difference in this…

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