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Determining how to light a room isn’t as simple as plugging in your favorite table lamp. A well-lit room seeks to achieve that ever-important balance of form and function—fixtures that are visually appealing and add to a room’s design, while also providing the right light to make the room functional for all of its uses. The best approach is layered lighting: Making use of several times of light in order to achieve the needed level of brightness.

The lighting planners below will walk you through what’s most important for the lighting in every room of your home or project, whether that’s general lighting, task lighting, ambient lighting or a combination of all three. Each will depend on a room’s unique qualities and your plan for the space.

Download the complimentary lighting planners to get an easy to understand guidelines for choosing the just-right light.

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  • How to incorporate the differents layers of lighting intro your space.
  • A checklist of lighting  types to consider for properly lit your space
  • How to choose the right light bulbs.
  • Your options for switches & controls.

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