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How to Layer Lighting in your Home


Lighting a home might not be quite as simple as you’d think—but it doesn’t have to be overly complicated, either. Comfort, utility, and beauty can be obtained by using layered lighting: Ambient light to provide general illumination and repose, task lighting for utilitarian jobs and accent lighting to adorn any room. Layering your lighting just means going beyond the basic overhead general lighting and purposefully arranging different types of lighting to form a cohesive and functional light-scape. Here’s how!

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Pot Lighting Buyer’s Guide


For a clean look and ample illumination, recessed pot lights are what you want for nearly every room in your house. Knowing how to choose the right lights is the first step to a lighter, brighter space.

Recessed lighting can be one of the quickest ways to update and illuminate a house. But if done wrong, it can result in uncomfortable lighting or a dated appearance. It can be a daunting project to take on in your home, but not to worry: Here, we’ve answered the most common questions from our customers.

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How to Select the Right Chandelier

Chandeliers have been used in dining rooms and foyers since a long time ago, but lately chandeliers are gaining popularity in unexpected places. This traditional lighting fixture can be found in kitchens, bedrooms, walk-in closets and even bathrooms.

Chandeliers are not only eye-catching light fixtures but also a great source of ambient light, they can serve as a focal point around which you can put together the design of the entire room.

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Home Theater Lighting

Good lighting in a home theater room requires a blend of ambient and accent lighting to enhance your viewing, avoid eyestrain and make the room practical to move around in after the movie. Lighting Techniques for Home Theater For ambient…

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Five Frequent Home Lighting Mistakes

There are plenty of ways to bring new life to your home through lighting design; however, there are also some common mistakes that can keep your lighting from actually making your home shine. It’s not unusual for homeowners to revamp…

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